As my heat tolerant beauties become shriveled and dead to the stem, to the ground, I feel a sense of loss. Or it might be more like a donation has been made to a good cause. There’s an empty spot to take it’s place. It’s not a failure- it’s a benevolence.

The time had come for ice to form where life once flowed. To freeze it in it’s place and then wilt it as if to say, “Nothing to see here- I’ve gone to a better place.” The life retreats to its roots where it will bud again. We don’t like this kind of visible decay. It is a sign of age and change.

We all fear change. As a signal of our possible past failure, or potential failures to adapt now. But we need to see we have no part in that change and we can sit back and see the beauty in it. Or how about the “spectacle” of it. We need to not blame ourselves for some lack of longevity. We need to not cling to bare branches like an expired vase of flowers with brown water at the base, the petals gone.

We need to see the regeneration of life! And the beauty of the next crop often greener and fuller. We know now what little we can do to create regeneration.

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