About me

I am Morgan Myers, M.S., LPC and I am a therapist practicing in east Dallas, Texas. My clients are often mega-church ex-pats and people deconstructing their faith. One of my favorite tasks as a clinician is helping my clients become more mindful of emotions rather than pressing mute on those more challenging emotions. I think the present moment is the paradise we’re all looking for.

I am co-founder of a side-project called Motherlift– an educational resource for women entering and enduring (ha) motherhood.

I am an obsessive gardener, learner, and writer. I have 2 daughters with my anglican priest husband Chris Myers (www.christopherwmyers.com). I’m located in the Casa Linda area of east Dallas, Texas. Contact me at:

Published in Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMiA), Advocate Magazine and thefirst15.

Other projects